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My name is Jaime Netterville. I have been drawing, sketching,

painting and creating from the moment I picked up my first crayon. 

I like to think that I created my first mural when I was a little girl,

it was done with crayon and it was on the wall of my bedroom closet.

My mother wasn't very happy with my creation! Little did she know that I would later be drawing on peoples walls for a living! :)


I love being creative and seeing what I can come up with.

My first love is sketching and painting. But I'll do anything I can to

keep my creativity flowing.  Photography, Music, Party & Event

planning, Floral Arrangments & Wreaths, Decorating, Scrapbooking, Invitations and especially Drawing, Sketching and Painting Murals.

 I paint furniture as well, small tables and chairs, toy chests,

rocking chairs, name plaques, cork boards and wooden letters.


I began painting murals 9yrs ago when my sister in-law asked me

to come up with an idea and paint her kids bathroom.

When we finished it looked so good and we were so proud of what

 we had done! I really enjoyed the whole process.

Thats when she told me, "You should really try and do this."

So I did and I LOVE it! I'm always excited for the next

project and coming up with new ideas.


I am currently working on making wallpaper and panel murals available.

They will be made from your own unique design or from a selection

of pre-designed artwork.